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Purchase Packages

2021/2022 Subcription packages
Subscriptions active immediately until August 15, 2022
Sale! -15.00%

With the Solo Package, Boreal Tales can be used by one teacher and one student.

Ideal for tutors or for parents!

$20 $17

1 Seat(s)

Sale! -15.00%

The Trio Package gives access to Boreal Tales to one teacher and up to three students.

Great for families!

$30 $25.50

3 Seat(s)

Sale! -15.00%

The Small Group Package gives access to Boreal tales to one teacher and up to fifteen students.

Useful, for example, for Special Education classes!

$60 $51

15 Seat(s)

Sale! -15.00%

The Class Package gives access to Boreal Tales to one teacher and up to thirty students!

This is the package most commonly used by teachers!

$120 $102

30 Seat(s)

Sale! -15.00%

The Large Group Package gives access to Boreal Tales to one teacher and up to 37 students. Useful for high school teachers, large classes or specialists in charge of many small groups.

$150 $127.50

37 Seat(s)

Please note : You can transfer packages but not seats.
For example, if four teachers with fourteen students each wanted to use Boreal Tales, they would need to purchase four Small Group packages instead of two Class packages.
Total: $ USD
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Class Package x0


Large Group Package x0